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Get access to additional services including a dedicated account manager and success team.

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Choose between two payout options and get fast access to your funds and deposits.

Need to sell tickets immediately? With Universe Payments there is no set up so you can get started right away.
Access funds 48 hours after your event.
You will receive a notification by email when your funds are available. You will receive your funds in the selected settlement currency.
Standard Universe Fee
(Capped at 9.95 per ticket)
Payment processing fee
Need to access your funds upfront? With Stripe Connect your funds are available as tickets are sold.
Access funds on a rolling basis.
Your funds are deposited directly into your bank account as tickets are sold. Your funds will be deposited in the selected settlement currency.
Standard Universe Fee
(Capped at 9.95 per ticket)
Payment processing fee
(absorbed into the ticket price)

More ways to pay anywhere in the world

We automatically select the right payment methods based on your event’s location and display them in the checkout flow.

Credit and debit cards
Alternative payment methods
Instant checkout methods
3-D Secure Issuers
Enterprise Security

SSL encryption and PCI-compliant payment gateways keep credit card and other data secure.

Always-on monitoring

Machine learning algorithms by Stripe Radar and Sift Science analyze every transaction to prevent fraud.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid?
If you are using Universe Payments to process your payments, your funds will become available for withdrawal 48 hours after the end of your event, at which point you will receive an email notifying you to log in to your Universe account and withdraw your funds. You can receive payment via check (US & Canada), direct deposit or wire transfer. If you are using Stripe to process payments, your funds will be deposited directly to your bank account on a rolling basis as tickets are sold.
Are there any hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees to sell tickets on Universe. There is no charge on free tickets and paid tickets cost you only the Universe service fee + credit card fee, which you can either absorb into the ticket price, or pass along to your buyers.
Can I charge an additional fee on top of my ticket price?
Yes, you can add an additional fee as either a $ or % amount and it will appear as a separate line item at checkout and on your buyers’ receipts.
Can I charge tax on my tickets?
Yes, you can add tax as a separate line item at checkout and it will show on your buyers’ receipts. Please note that you are responsible for all local tax laws and that Universe does not withhold or remit taxes collected on your behalf. For questions on whether or not you should charge tax on your tickets, we recommend consulting with an accountant.
Can I pass the Universe fee and credit card fee on to my buyers?
Yes, you can pass all fees on to your buyers. If you are using Universe Payments, simply use the dropdown below “fee structure” on the Payments & Fees tab of your event page and select “Pass fees to the buyer”. Both the Universe service fee as well as the credit card processing fee will be passed to the buyer as a separate line item at checkout. If you are using Stripe connect, select “Pass fees to the buyer” in order to pass on the Universe service fee. To pass on the credit card fee, select “Yes, flat and/or a % of the purchase” in the dropdown menu below “Charge an additional fee to buyers?” and then enter your credit card fee with Stripe as the amount.
What currencies do you support?
Universe currently supports native currencies for the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, the EU, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Brazil and New Zealand. We are always adding new currencies as we continue to expand into new territories, and if you don’t see your currency listed, you can still use Universe to sell tickets. To do so, simply select Universe Payments as your payment processing method and once your event has ended you will be able to withdraw your funds via wire transfer to your account. Please note that there is a small fee associated with wire transfers that will be deducted from your withdrawal.
How do I take advantage of your nonprofit and charity pricing?
If you are a registered nonprofit or charity, you can request our special pricing here. Once approved, you will receive a referral code to enter upon creation of your event. Please note that this code must be entered into the basic information section on each of your event pages in order for the special pricing to apply. Enter your code by clicking on “enter a referral code” below your contact details when creating your event.
What happens if a buyer disputes the charge?
When a buyer disputes a charge on their card with their bank, the funds are returned to the cardholder and the amount is taken out of the host's balance along with a $15 chargeback fee. If you are using Universe Payments, we submit evidence to the cardholder's bank letting them know what the charge is for and reach out to the buyer asking them to contact their bank to have the dispute dropped. If you are using Stripe Connect, we recommend that you contact the buyer and enter evidence into Stripe directly. Chargebacks are typically under review for about 60 days. If and when the dispute is resolved in your favour, the funds along with the chargeback fee will be returned to your account. If the dispute is lost, unfortunately, the funds will not be returned.
Can I switch between Universe Payments and Stripe after my event has been published?
Yes, you can switch between Universe Payments and Stripe at any point during your event, but note that any funds collected while on Universe Payments will not be transferred to your Stripe account and vice versa. Funds will always be required to be withdrawn via the payment processing method used when those tickets were sold.
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