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Create your own event page and customize it. Or, embed our Universe widgets directly on your website (or any website, blog, even Facebook) – with no redirect to Universe.

Create a Custom Event Page

Don't have a website? Enchant your attendees with a beautiful event landing page on Universe! You'll have all your most important information front and center to easily convert visitors into event attendees. Add a header image and a photo gallery to bring your event to life! Best of all, it works on phones and tablets.

Ticket Manager

With our free app, you can scan QR code tickets at the door, swipe credit cards for payments, manage your attendees and track your sales in real time.

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Ticket manager

Powerful Social Tools

Use our free built-in tools for your email and social media campaigns. Track conversions and see deep social analytics to reach the right audience. Find your biggest fans and grow your existing customer base.

Social tools

Social Deals

Turn attendees into advocates. Give incentives for people to tweet your event or share it on Google+.

Reports And Analytics

See a real-time overview of your sales and tickets. You can export reports as CSV and XLS. Use advanced social analytics to get better insights and target the right audience.


Advanced Ticketing Features

Universe offers a series of rich features to satisfy all of your event needs.

Payment plans app

Payment Plans

Give your fans a more affordable experience. Set up payment plans and divide the price of your ticket into a series of weekly or monthly installments. Payments are automatically calculated and collected on your behalf.

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Leverage Your Sponsors and Promoters


Your sponsors or promoters can embed events on their websites, and Facebook pages increasing the exposure your event creates.


Track the sales your promoters and sponsors generate using affiliate links and reports.


Customize event pages and tickets to include sponsor logos, links and hashtags.


Personalize social shares to include your sponsors' hashtags.

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Cloud Infrastructure

We use cloud-based servers and dynamic load bouncers to scale our infrastructure when demand increases. This means that we can sell thousands of tickets at once with no downtime, or slowness.

Phone zapier

Zapier Integration

Zapier gives you the power to integrate Universe with hundreds of other apps you use like Salesforce, Google Sheets, and MailChimp to automate the tedious tasks in your workflow.

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Third Party Integrations

We play well with others. You can also use our API and webhooks for a custom integration.

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