Our mission:

Bringing the world together through real life experiences so you can build memories that last a lifetime

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Universe is the world's destination for finding and creating experiences.

We create tools and channels to help event organizers manage the best events, while creating discovery tools to make finding and hosting great events easy.

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Founded in Toronto in 2011, we've built a platform for people to discover and create events all over the world.

Following unprecedented growth in 2014, we expanded our offices from Toronto to San Francisco and doubled the size of our team.

In 2015, Universe was acquired by Live Nation Entertainment and has continued its rapid growth.

In 2016, the company expanded to open offices in New York City, London, England and Australia. Universe continues to strive for its goal to become the world’s destination of events.

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How we build


Life is about memories - we want to fill your life with memories that bring you joy, satisfaction and happiness.


We make it easy to host and sell tickets and for others to find and attend incredible experiences at the touch of a button.


As the world gets more digital, we want to deliver real life experiences to people in their city.

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