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The Wiltern, a Live Nation Entertainment venue, has utilized Universe’s simple ticketing solution for a number of non-profit events and fundraisers in Los Angeles, CA. Though contractually obligated to ticket through Ticketmaster, they are also able to utilize the Universe platform. Past events have included the Gindi Maimonides Academy Fundraiser Concert and the Greatest Wedding Ever Given (GWED). Each event has seen about 2,000 individuals from the greater Los Angeles in attendance.

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The Wiltern was in need of a DIY ticketing service that would give their third party event organizers the flexibility to create and manage events. This would in turn, reduce the overall back and forth communication between the venue and its organizers. Having the ability to give organizers control from end to end would open up a great amount of opportunity to become accessible to more organizers. Their ultimate goal was to be able to book many more events at the venue.


Universe provided a flexible ticketing and registration solution that met the needs of their third party event organizers. The ability to customize the event listing page at any time and offer support for over 15 languages was key. Universe also offered a solution that gave organizers the flexibility to create their own account and manage their events while giving the Wiltern team access to oversee important metrics such as event and ticket sales.


With the added flexibility to leverage the Universe platform, The Wiltern has been able to accomodate more event organizers inside their venue resulting in added revenue from third party events. As a result of using Universe, the Wiltern was able to reach even more clients with the flexibility and customization of our ticketing platform. Because of our ability to accommodate a variety languages, the venue has been able to attract new event organizers adding further variety to their venue offerings.

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Location Los Angeles, USA
Universe serves as a fundamental asset for our qualifying rental clients. Our dedicated managers ensure transparency and ease of process for all parties involved. We feel confident that these events will have the support and working capacity to drive repeat business in the future.
Brooke Leinen Special Events Logistics Coordinator The Wiltern

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